Saturday, January 7, 2017


As most of you out there may know, I just love to go and visit Historical places that are near or not too far away from my Home here in Eastern PA.  When I go to these places, I always take my camera to record what I see so then you can see it also.

One of the places that I enjoy going to is the Historic Independence Park in Philadelphia, PA where our Country was born and where the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776.  Philly is just about a 1 hr. drive from here, so that's not too far for me.  Located very near the Old City of Philadelphia the Park has pretty many of the old buildings that were there in 1776.  Of course, they are all restored back to the day's of old and are kept in pristine condition.  There is a whole lot of History here from the Betsy Ross House to the "Ghost Outline" of where Ben Franklin used to live long ago.  The only problem with this place is that finding a parking space is just terrible.  The area is loaded with Tourists and traffic.  Parking spaces are at a premium in the area.  During the Winter it's probably not too bad, because it's just too cold.  The Spring, Summer, and Fall days are awful, I'm told.  If you have plans on going here sometime, I would highly recommend planning ahead.  Tickets to get into Independence Hall, where the Declaration was signed, are sold out allot of the time.  Try and get there early!

While I was down there last year walking around and making my way thru hundreds of people who want to see the famous Liberty Bell, I happen to walk past a window that showed some people sifting thru lot's of pieces of something that I did not know what.  Here what I found out later is that these people are archeologists trying to piece together fragments of glass and clay pottery that were found by digging in and around the many sites from long ago.  There must be hundreds of pieces that are found.  They all came from something and were once part of a container that was used many years ago.  It must take allot of patience to do this.  Not for me!  The Image was taken using my Pentax K10d with a 28-80 Tamron AF Lens.  

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