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Here is a Image of my old home from back when I was a teenager in the early 60's.  I shot this picture last summer when it was a bit on the warm side.  Looks like a barn, doesn't it?

It really does not look like it now, but there is a whole lot that went on here in those years long ago.  The house did not look like what you see now.  A whole lot of work, sweat, and time went into making this home what it is now.  When my Step-Father and Mother first bought this place it looked like a broken down home that no one wanted.  However, my Mother & Step-Father saw possibilities with it, so they decided to buy it and fix it up.

There was hardly any roof to it,  the stone walls on the outside were crumbling at places, the windows were broken, the front porch was not there.  Just a big open space that had all kinds of junk in it, the land was full of weeds and trash.  There is a garage there under the porch, and it had no door.  This is just part of the outside.  The inside was a total mess, to say the least.  The floors needed new wood, the walls were a joke.  There was dust, and dirt everywhere you looked.  I was told that a rat was on the living room floor that I never saw!  The 2 lane road that you see now, was nothing but a dirt road that kicked up dust when it was dry.  Now, it's macadam.

Here I am, just turning 13, and had to work my butt off to help build and repair this home.  Everyday, there was work, work, work!  Cleaning up the land was one of my jobs.  My Brother Jamie, did not come around until 1960.  He was just a baby back then.  My Step-Father did allot of the work, plus outside contractors that were hired to perform some of the work.  New Windows, roof, singles, lots of painting were all done over a large period of time.  Finally, it looked like a nice home after working so much on it.  To have this much repair, my Mother must have taken out a loan to pay for it all.

Then, in April of 1960, my Step-Father passed away from a massive heart attack.  There was no one there anymore that could earn a living to support the expense of the house.  In a short period of time, my Mother sold this house and moved into a new House Trailer on the outside of Fleetwood.  The house was sold for $10,500!  Back then that kind of money was pretty good.  Since then, the new owners have stayed here since they bought it.  They added a new 2 bay garage, which you see in the back part of the Image.  They must have liked how we fixed the place up.

So, now you know that my Life when younger was full of work that taught me a lesson.  If you want something to look nice, you have to work for it.  It's not handed to you!

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  1. This is such an interesting story, Les, of your early years and the valued lessons of hard work. It certainly is a pretty place now! And I'm sure your mom & stepfather saw much potential here. So sad to hear of the sudden passing of your stepdad. That must have been such a shock to you and your family! Your mom sounds like an amazing woman - resilient and dedicated. Thanks for sharing this story and image, Les! :)

    1. Thank you, Barbara. It was a tough time in my Life that I will never forget. There is much more to it than what I Posted. I also had to deliver the Reading Times back then. Ride my bicycle thru the streets of Fleetwood delivering papers early in the morning thru rain, sleet, snow, wind, & cold. It didn't matter. I made 5 cents per paper! The Reading Times was 15 cents back then!

      After my Mother sold the house, and moved into a new Trailer, I continued going to High School in Fleetwood, until I left to join the US Navy which was another "wake up" for me.

      Cheers, girl

  2. Family and where they live can change so drastically when death comes to the family. It looks like they had made it into a great home.


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