Monday, January 30, 2017


For a number of years now, I have been told that my former High School is Haunted by 2 Spirits from it's past.

Pictured above is what my old HS looks like today.  It truly has not changed much since my day's here back in the early 60's for my 7th, 8th, and 9th Grade.  The outside has stayed the same, the trees in the background have gotten bigger, and there is some more sidewalk here for the NEW HS that was built just behind this frame I took.  Oh Yes.  There was no yellow rail next to the school then, either.

The inside of the building is a different story.  After walking around the outside and shooting some more Images, I wanted to see the inside of this Hallowed old building.  I went in the white door you see in the center of the Image.  Went up the 5 steps, thru the open double doors, and then into what looked like a new small reception area.  The school is now the Administration Building for the Oley Valley School District.  A nice Lady came out and asked who I was.  I told her and asked if I could Tour my old school and take some Images.  She told me that I could, but would have to wait for a "Escort." that would take me thru the 2 floors!  Could not do this on my own.  School Laws have changed a whole lot!!

Another nice Lady came out and told me to follow her, as if I don't know where I'm going?  Anyway, I asked her point blank if the school is Haunted.  Her response was "Yes. I know it is.  I've seen it for real.  Many strange things happen here."  What!  So, it is true what I heard.  "Yes, it is."

This is looking down the 1st Floor Hallway.  The Old lockers are gone from the wall and Classroom doors are kept open for a reason.  I was told that the doors open and close for no reason.  Lights come on and off and voices are heard from no-ware.  The Circuit Breaker on the wall to the right is disconnected from any electric.  Interesting!  These were my old Classrooms years ago.

 Looking down another Classroom Hallway.  Notice the doors.  Footsteps are heard here in the Hallway and there is no one here!  The Wall color has changed.  They were not as bright back then as they are now.  These Hallways used to be filled with kids going to and from Classes years ago.

This is what used to be the Gym years ago.  Now, it's a storage area for old records.  Those red walls were not there when I was here.  They were built later on for some reason.  The original Stage is still here with just one of the basketball nets hanging in front.  There is still electric service in here yet.  The Gym floor is gone and so are the bleachers that were on each side where the red wall now is.  Sometimes, the lights turn off for no reason that can be explained.  There used to be HS dances here on a Saturday night, basketball games, and also a Cafeteria were once all here.

Looking to the front of the Gym.  The 2 doors in the back led to the outside.  I can view this Image and remember back from what was once here.  It's different.  I sort of wished it would have stayed the same, but nothing remains the same as it was.  I used to eat my lunch in here.  I had to pay a whole 35 cents for lunch!!  It was always a hot meal.  The new tables and chairs on the left are from a later time.  Not mine.

I know, what's up with this?  Just a chair and a toy piano, right.  Well, I was told a story about this.  4 day's ago this room was empty.  Nothing was in here at all!  2 day's later this appeared in the center of the room!!  No one else was in here.  It's a locked room.  Where & how did this get in here?  No one knows.  It was left as it was found.  Rather strange!

As I walked thru my old School, my inner mind went back in time visualizing what used to be here.  Back to the day's when Life was so much more simple for me.  I could look into the Classrooms that I used to go into for different subjects.  Now, these rooms are bare and tore up.  Blackboards still hang where they were, but no one writes on them anymore.  In the future this old school will be torn down to make way for a new Park.  The History of this school will be preserved in the NEW HS for another generation to see how we used to go to school so long ago.

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  1. It would be an interesting visit. Functions of rooms change so much that it seems to loose any true purpose. My older school where I worked took a very nice computer room into a junk room and storage.


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