Thursday, January 12, 2017


While walking and driving around the Historic town of Shenandoah, PA I happen to drive right past this old looking empty building.  It caught my eye, so I pulled over to the side of the street.

What this building once was, I don't really know.  I know I have a few idea's of what it may have been long ago.  Could have been a factory of some sort?  A Office area for Coal processing when Coal was King in this area?  It's kinda spooky looking.  Looks as if it's going to fall apart at any time.  Has seen it's better day's.  Again, there was no one around that might have some knowledge of this, so I have to guess.  Since this Coal Mining town has much to offer in abandoned places, I did shoot more.  When I see buildings such as this, I often wonder what it was used for.  Who was here and why?  Why is it empty?  What happened?

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