Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Elvis still lives in this Clock that we bought last year.  My Wife just loves Elvis and his music.  So, do I, but just his popular music from the 60's & 70's.  Instead of having a bird come out and sing every hour, Elvis comes out of the doors at the top and sings one of his great songs every hour.  One thing about this is we don't care to hear him at 3 am, so we had to turn down the volume.  The clock runs on 2 D size batteries that last for a long time.  It get's allot of conversation. 

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  1. Nice clock! I'm also a lover of Elvis' voice and songs, but I doubt it I'll want a clock to remind me of it. I prefer those silent types of clocks that only inform you of the time when you choose to look at them.

  2. It is a nice clock. I have never seen one of these. I can't have a cuckoo clock, because just the chimes make me crazy. the songs would make me crazy to. but I am betting she loves it each time he sings.

  3. I like it! It is very unique. I love Elvis too. I have a cuckoo clock, but it doesn't work. It's pretty to look at though! Thanks for your comment on my post of the gate and its shadow.


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