Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Since I am retired now, I have decided to take up a new hobby.  Besides puttering around in my small wood shop, in the back patio, I've gotten interested in the Craft of running a Scroll Saw which I purchased over at Sears.  It is a Craftsman 16" Variable Speed Saw, and is pretty much a entry level saw.  Entry level means that it's not real expensive and does not have the reputation of being a heavy price, like others that are on the market.  I have always relied on Craftsman to make a good product, and so far, they have never failed me.  Most of my woodworking tools are all made by Craftsman, with the exception of my Drill Press.

Before I started using this, I did some reading on just how to get started in the Craft.  As I expected, it's not as easy as you might think.  The saw blade is very thin and is only 5 in. long.  It has teeth, just like a band saw, but much thinner.  You can change the speed of the saw, depending on what kind of material you are working with.  The table tilts to the left to a full 45 degrees just by loosening the red knob at the bottom of the table.  It will saw wood, plastic, aluminum, and steel.  The Red knob in the back is for blade tension.  Have the blade to tight and it will break . . . too loose and the blade will "walk" and then break.  You have to be careful and get to know what speeds are right for what material.

It also has a dust port located on the bottom, where all the dust collects for a shop vac.  Other than what I mentioned, the saw is fairly simple.  You just have to jump in there, and learn as you go along.  Being in the Machinist Trade for many years, I can pretty well figure out what speeds cut well with what materials.

So, with all that in mind, I jumped right in there and made a simple wood duck.  It came out good, but took me over an hour to saw it.  I'm starting out simple and work my way up as I get more experience.  Then, I made a Cross with a Heart on it.  Had to get some experience changing the blade to make cut-outs.  Was a bit frustrating at first, but the more I did it, the better I got.  Now, I'm just starting to saw a Ships Wheel, that will be more of a challenge.  This project will take allot more time.  Learning as I go along.

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