Friday, April 19, 2013


Hello there, to all my followers that used to follow my Blog.  I don't really know who is still out there yet, since I have not posted anything for more than a year or more.  Not sure just how long it's been, but it has been quite sometime!

I still look pretty much the same as what you see above.  However, since I last posted there have been some changes in my Life.

First, there are a few reasons why I have not Posted anything in so long.  One of them is I've had some trouble with others out there reading my Blog and making fun of it.  I didn't take to kindly to that.  Don't know just why they would do this, but I just got tired of it.  I'm hoping that this does not happen anymore.  Another one was I was running out of Historical places to go around here.  I have been to most everything around, and showed where I was here on the Blog.  Maybe I just got tired of doing it or bored.  Needed something different than what I was doing.  There are still places to go and see, but they are a bit on the far side to travel.

I've also retired from working, now that I've reached the ripe old age of 66.  I was at my other job for just over 14 yrs.  Just didn't want it anymore.  Got tired of putting up with idiot employees, nit-wit customers, working every other week-end, and the job in general.  Guess that it was getting to me for a long time.  I've had enough of working a long day, coming home dog tired, doing what someone else wants me to do, and many other things that influenced me to call it quits.  I've been working since I'm 14 yrs. old.  I think I'll let the younger generation do what I had to do over the many years of being employed.  I can now collect my Social Security that I have paid into for so long.  I hope that the stupid Gov't doesn't screw it up for us "Baby Boomers!"  I really don't think that I will totally retire, and not do anything.  Will try and find a part-time job, just to keep me out of trouble.  3 day's a week is more than enough for me.  I don't want to sit around and waste away to nothing!

I have also purchased a new Pentax Camera.  I now shoot a Pentax K10D 10.1 Megapixal DSLR.  It has a number of different functions that my Pentax K100D did not.  It does a whole lot that I'm still getting used to.  The Lens's that I had will all fit the K10D, so I didn't have to worry about that.  I've added 2 more Lens's that I didn't have before.  One of them is a Pentax 80-320mm Telephoto Lens, and the other is a Vivitar 500mm Mirror Lens.  You can get right close up and personal with these!

That does it for right now.  As usual, thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. Glad to see you are back. You'll enjoy being retired and having more control over your life. I don't know how I ever got anything done while I was still working. I still can't seem to get things done, but I'm doing it at a more leisurely pace, and my stress level is way down. Find a part time job that you like doing. My hubby keeps busy doing odds and ends of carpentry work and he's always been happy being a carpenter, but now he can pick and choose and do it at his own pace. Have fun with your new camera and lenses!

  2. It is good to have you back. The new camera would be a great challenge for me as I don't like change. I hope it works well for you and it will be fun with more time to take shots. Good for you to retire and you will enjoy it.

  3. Glad to see you back! I put you back on my blog list on my design blog:


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