Friday, September 9, 2011


If you remember in my last Post I had mentioned that it rained so hard yesterday morning that you could barely see in front of you?  Well, this is what happens down on River Road just 3 blocks from our Home.

River Road is just off to the right.  Across the Road are Homes, but are up higher than the road.

This sign is more than 6 feet up on the tree.

The River is usually way beyond those 2 trees.  Allot of power out there with the water running so fast.  Would not be a good place to be.

These Images were taken just yesterday evening after I came home from work.  There were lot's of other people walking down River Road, even though the National Guard was patrolling the area just to keep people from doing something dumb.  I checked the River this morning on my way to work, and it was much lower.  The River is getting back to it's normal flow.  However, I'm thinking that there won't be any fishing around here for a while.  All the fish have been probably washed down stream.  More showers for tomorrow, and thunder storms are in the forecast.  Great!  Just what we need.  More rain.

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  1. We saw on TV yesterday and this morning the high rushing waters in and near Lancaster. Our friends live there so we were interested. The waters are moving so fast! Hope your home is a little higher!!...debbie

  2. Pretty scary when the water starts rising like this. I'm glad to hear it's receding, and hope your rain holds off.

  3. You should send some of that rain to Texas! When the water starts rising like that, and so rapidly, I can only imagine how scary that would be.

  4. Wow! Those are some scary pictures Les. I'm glad your home is on high ground.

  5. Great capture even though Mother Nature can be pretty wild. Stay safe.

  6. Looks like my area of Lebanon,Pa. We are drying out now though. Richard

  7. Hi Les, just started following your blog this morning. I love all your posts on historic places. Be back to read some more real soon. Come on over and visit my blog when you get a chance!

  8. HiLes, that is some high water. We were back visiting in NJ a couple of weekends ago and saw first-hand the devastation caused by flooding from the aftermath of Irene in Manville, NJ. Family in Lancaster, PA also got hit bad by flooding. Thanks for the visit to our Frog & PenguINN blog and feel free to return anytime as I will here.
    BTW, I'm also a long-time Pentax equipment user who started with the film 35mm Spotmatic models and later used Pentax digital SLRs. Now using Canon digitals.

  9. Thanks for stopping by, Les. Always wondered if that was just a saying. Interesting to know that it has basis in fact.

    While I didn't see it, our favorite fishing spot was completely under water after Irene. Told hubby if I had seen it, I probably wouldn't feel safe fishing there any more.

    Sorry to hear you're getting more rain. Wish the good Lord would send some of it to Texas.

  10. Amazing amount of water ... hopefully it is pretty low by now! Crazy weather!

  11. Enjoyed your photography; you have a good eye. Regards the flooding, we're doubly sorry for it. First for what you and your neighbors are enduring, and also for our missed vacation trip that coincided with the back-to-back hurricanes that brought the flooding to you and New England. Jim


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