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Sorry that I have not Posted anything here on my Blog for a few day's, but there has not been a whole lot to Post about, until now.

This past Saturday, the 17th of September, the Fleetwood High School Class of 1966 had our 45th Class Reunion at the Lyons Fire Company, Lyons PA.  The Class Colors were Red & White - Fleetwood High School was known as the "Fleetwood Tigers."

Lets go back to 1966.  This was our school as it looks today.  There have not been any changes to the outside.  It still looks the same as it did, but now it is used as a Administration Building (I think), and has a Museum down-stairs.  The inside has not changed all that much, either.  The floors are still linoleum, as they were before.  The steel lockers that were on the walls are gone.  In their place are wooden panels, that have been painted the same color as the walls.  It looks like a big open space, where something used to be.  The gymnasium looks the same as it did years ago.  The stage and Class Tiger is still there on the floor, but is badly warped from a leak in the roof.  I could still remember where my Locker was.  The Walls have a fresh coat of paint, but most everything has remained the same.  Across the street, and out of the picture, is some tennis courts and beyond that was our Athletic field which you can still see, what is left of the track, we had for Track & Field events.   Back then we did not have all the fancy stuff that the new High School has.  There was no air-conditioning, no carpeted floors, no computers, and no fancy cafeteria that the new High School has.  The school bus's used to stop just to the right and behind the last car you see.  There are no school bus's here anymore.

So here is my Class today.  Each of us wore a "picture tag" with our name so we all could tell who was who.  I'm standing on the top row, extreme left.  Since our Class Funds were very low, we could not afford a Pro Photographer, so word must have gotten around that I like Photography and since I had my Pentax and Tripod with me, I was asked to shoot a Image of the Class.  I was a bit worried about using the Lens that I had thinking that it might not cover everyone.  It did just fine, as you can see.  I shot 4 of these, but deleted 2.  We all have changed in one way or another.  We all have gone our separate ways.  Most of us have Grandchildren now and some have retired.  I can look at this Image and remember so much from those day's.  Fleetwood High School did not really have big graduating Class's.  Not like other schools that had 500 or more.  I really can't remember just how many were in our graduating Class.  It was much less than 100.  There were other members of the Class that just did not come, or have moved too far away to attend.

In Memory of those who we lost over time.

The Reunion lasted until around 11:00 p.m.  I guess that we were all getting tired.  We had good food & drink, plus a DJ that played music from the 50's & 60's, that we enjoyed dancing too.  Now, in another 5 yrs. it will be our 50th Reunion.  Don't know what this committee will plan.  Maybe something different.  It's hard to believe that time has gone by so fast.  Where did time go?  It was a time when everything was much more simple, and we didn't have much of a care in the world.

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  1. How cool! I bet you had a lot of fun with your classmates. It's always seems so crazy to me that the body in my mirror doesn't match the one in my mind!!! LOL! My where does time go! Love all the old songs playing on your blog, they bring back lots of good memories.

  2. I graduated in 1966 too. We had our 45th Reunion in August. Our school colors are red and white but the senior colors were Pink and Cranberry. We had picture name tags too! And we had a blast!! There were about 230 of us out of a class of 1056. Parkersburg High School. Home of the Big Red Indian! At the time of our Reunion we had lost 106 members. And, we lost another one last Wednesday. 107. I love class reunions! Glad you had fun!!!...debbie

  3. You did very well on your photos and it sounds like you had a good time. We went to my husband's 50th in PA and that was fun. My 50th is in two years, but I haven't went to any of my reunions. I've lived in Alaska since before my 10th would have been held and I went to high school in California so a long ways to go. My graduating class had over 400. The building itself no longer is there as there was an earthquake at the beginning of my senior year and the building was condemned and then torn down. So many changes since that time, and so many years ago.

  4. Thanks for your visit and following, Les. Your photos of Lancaster County are very interesting, look forward to viewing more of your blog.

  5. Hi Les, it was enjoyable reading the post about your HS reunion. I also graduated in 1966 (NJ) and went to my 25th reunion years when we were living there. We now live in VA and I never heard about any future reunions. Our class was smaller than yours at only 96 graduates (parochial HS). The photos turned out just fine; always good to have a camera along even if it does mean you will become the "offical" photographer.

  6. Always fun to go back and reminisce. Great shots.

  7. My 40th reunion was this year, but I was unable to go. You did a great job on the picture!

  8. Hi Les, Sounds like a great reunion. I was in the class of '60 --so we celebrated our 50th in 2010. The strange thing was that all of those people had gotten old... Dang ---what's up with that??????? ha ha

  9. Great photos, Les. Sounds like everyone had a nice time. Sad how quickly time flies by. Also, sad for those classmates who have passed away. Thanks for sharing your reunion with us.

  10. I graduated in 1968 with about 75 classmates. Everyone knew everyone and eveyone's parents knew you too. I think our last reunion was in '98 for 30 years. I couldn't make it. I did help plan the 10 and 20 year ones though.

    I did have a DJ tell me he hated playing music of the period because people wanted to listen and not dance. We had the best music didn't we?

  11. Hey Corker II haven't seen you on your blog lately. Just checking up on you, hope every thing is ok. Hurry back we miss you!

  12. All the old timers are looking pretty good! I graduated in 1964 :-)

    Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

    BTW, I like your background song :-)


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