Thursday, January 19, 2017


This is all that remains of the Main Building in a Recreation Park that once used to be here.  The bright squares you see are all made of square blocks of glass.  I'm surprised that most of them are still here and not stolen as a souvenir of what happened here years ago.  This is in the same place as the previous Post where 2 teenagers were murdered.

There is not much left of the once popular place.  The roof has fallen in, and left just a huge pile of rotting wood.  Some of the brick walls have caved in.  Lot's of junk is in the inside.  You can't even tell this had a arcade in it with lot's of kids.  It truly is a strange place to visit ever since those teenagers were killed here.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Here is a Image of my old home from back when I was a teenager in the early 60's.  I shot this picture last summer when it was a bit on the warm side.  Looks like a barn, doesn't it?

It really does not look like it now, but there is a whole lot that went on here in those years long ago.  The house did not look like what you see now.  A whole lot of work, sweat, and time went into making this home what it is now.  When my Step-Father and Mother first bought this place it looked like a broken down home that no one wanted.  However, my Mother & Step-Father saw possibilities with it, so they decided to buy it and fix it up.

There was hardly any roof to it,  the stone walls on the outside were crumbling at places, the windows were broken, the front porch was not there.  Just a big open space that had all kinds of junk in it, the land was full of weeds and trash.  There is a garage there under the porch, and it had no door.  This is just part of the outside.  The inside was a total mess, to say the least.  The floors needed new wood, the walls were a joke.  There was dust, and dirt everywhere you looked.  I was told that a rat was on the living room floor that I never saw!  The 2 lane road that you see now, was nothing but a dirt road that kicked up dust when it was dry.  Now, it's macadam.

Here I am, just turning 13, and had to work my butt off to help build and repair this home.  Everyday, there was work, work, work!  Cleaning up the land was one of my jobs.  My Brother Jamie, did not come around until 1960.  He was just a baby back then.  My Step-Father did allot of the work, plus outside contractors that were hired to perform some of the work.  New Windows, roof, singles, lots of painting were all done over a large period of time.  Finally, it looked like a nice home after working so much on it.  To have this much repair, my Mother must have taken out a loan to pay for it all.

Then, in April of 1960, my Step-Father passed away from a massive heart attack.  There was no one there anymore that could earn a living to support the expense of the house.  In a short period of time, my Mother sold this house and moved into a new House Trailer on the outside of Fleetwood.  The house was sold for $10,500!  Back then that kind of money was pretty good.  Since then, the new owners have stayed here since they bought it.  They added a new 2 bay garage, which you see in the back part of the Image.  They must have liked how we fixed the place up.

So, now you know that my Life when younger was full of work that taught me a lesson.  If you want something to look nice, you have to work for it.  It's not handed to you!

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Monday, January 16, 2017


This Image was taken on New Years Day 2017.  It shows me, my 2 Brothers, and my Sister.

I'm on the extreme right, so now you can see who is writing on this Blog.  Next is my Brother Roger who is about a year and a half older me  Roger is retired now, after working at Deka Batteries for over 30 yrs.   Next is Jamie. Jamie is still working for a living.  He works as a Maintenance Tech at a Custom Coating Plant here in Reading.  He also works another job, part-time at PepBoys Auto Store. He is very good with anything mechanical. .He's the youngster of all of us.  Jamie lives just down the street from me.  I almost can throw a stone and hit his house.  Then, is Carol who is 5 years older than me.  Carol has had a very rough Life in her past.  She was married to a US Marine who used to beat her.  She finally got sick of it, and left him.  She married another Marine later on, but he passed away on her at a fairly young age.  Her one Son, died from a Heart Attack when he was just a baby.  Was born with a bad heart problem.  Now, she lives alone not far from my Home.

On New Years Day, my Wife, always makes some Pork & Sauerkraut for the day's Dinner.  It is said that having this meal brings good luck for the rest of the year.  Well, I don't know about that one.  There is always more than enough to eat and we all walk or sit around after Dinner stuffed silly that we can hardly move.  The left-overs are always taken home by my Brothers and Sister, leaving just enough for us.  It usually lasts for a few day's, until my Wife and I finish it.  I'm sorry for the picture quality.  It was taken by the Wife with a Samaung Tab 3.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017


While walking and driving around the Historic town of Shenandoah, PA I happen to drive right past this old looking empty building.  It caught my eye, so I pulled over to the side of the street.

What this building once was, I don't really know.  I know I have a few idea's of what it may have been long ago.  Could have been a factory of some sort?  A Office area for Coal processing when Coal was King in this area?  It's kinda spooky looking.  Looks as if it's going to fall apart at any time.  Has seen it's better day's.  Again, there was no one around that might have some knowledge of this, so I have to guess.  Since this Coal Mining town has much to offer in abandoned places, I did shoot more.  When I see buildings such as this, I often wonder what it was used for.  Who was here and why?  Why is it empty?  What happened?

Pentax K10d Tamron 28-80mm Lens

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Elvis still lives in this Clock that we bought last year.  My Wife just loves Elvis and his music.  So, do I, but just his popular music from the 60's & 70's.  Instead of having a bird come out and sing every hour, Elvis comes out of the doors at the top and sings one of his great songs every hour.  One thing about this is we don't care to hear him at 3 am, so we had to turn down the volume.  The clock runs on 2 D size batteries that last for a long time.  It get's allot of conversation. 

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Sunday, January 8, 2017


Like I may have stated before, snooping around in Historical places that are not too far from me, is one of the things I enjoy doing.

The Coal Mining Town of Shenandoah, PA is one place that is loaded with History from our past.  Once a thriving Coal working town that had hundreds of immigrant miners working in the "Man Made Hell" of a Coal Mine that were in the area when Coal was King.  Working conditions were very bad.  Safety was not a big issue back then.  Hundreds of Miners were killed in the working mines by cave-in's, black lung, falling rock, and explosions from methane gas that would ignite from the burning flame from the miners hat.  The pay for loading 1 ton of coal was very low.  It was hard back-breaking work.  The Miner made barely enough to scrape by.

The above sign tells most of the story of what happened here in Shenandoah, PA.  Not much else that I can say or know.  There is much more that happened in this Coal Mining Town, but you have to know where to look.  You also have to ask alot of questions from the local people that live in the area.  Some of them are full of information, some have no idea what town it was that they now live in.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


As most of you out there may know, I just love to go and visit Historical places that are near or not too far away from my Home here in Eastern PA.  When I go to these places, I always take my camera to record what I see so then you can see it also.

One of the places that I enjoy going to is the Historic Independence Park in Philadelphia, PA where our Country was born and where the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776.  Philly is just about a 1 hr. drive from here, so that's not too far for me.  Located very near the Old City of Philadelphia the Park has pretty many of the old buildings that were there in 1776.  Of course, they are all restored back to the day's of old and are kept in pristine condition.  There is a whole lot of History here from the Betsy Ross House to the "Ghost Outline" of where Ben Franklin used to live long ago.  The only problem with this place is that finding a parking space is just terrible.  The area is loaded with Tourists and traffic.  Parking spaces are at a premium in the area.  During the Winter it's probably not too bad, because it's just too cold.  The Spring, Summer, and Fall days are awful, I'm told.  If you have plans on going here sometime, I would highly recommend planning ahead.  Tickets to get into Independence Hall, where the Declaration was signed, are sold out allot of the time.  Try and get there early!

While I was down there last year walking around and making my way thru hundreds of people who want to see the famous Liberty Bell, I happen to walk past a window that showed some people sifting thru lot's of pieces of something that I did not know what.  Here what I found out later is that these people are archeologists trying to piece together fragments of glass and clay pottery that were found by digging in and around the many sites from long ago.  There must be hundreds of pieces that are found.  They all came from something and were once part of a container that was used many years ago.  It must take allot of patience to do this.  Not for me!  The Image was taken using my Pentax K10d with a 28-80 Tamron AF Lens.  

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